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Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Talks about Premier Wen Jiabao's Official Visit to Russia, Attendance of the Fifteenth Regular Meeting between the Chinese Premier and the Russian Prime Minister, Official Visit to Tajikistan and Attendance of the Ninth Prime Ministers' Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

From Nov. 22 to 25, 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao paid an official visit to Russia on invitation and attended the fifteenth regular meeting between the Chinese and Russian prime ministers; he also paid an official visit to Tajikistan and attended the ninth prime ministers' meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Dushanbe. As Premier Wen's trip is coming to an end, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi introduced to the accompanying journalists Premier Wen's trip and its outcome.

Yang said Premier Wen's trip this time is China's major diplomatic move to the Eurasian region in the context of complex and fluctuating international situation. The fragility and imbalance of global economic recovery appears in many manifestations. The political and economic implications of the international financial crisis are profound and long-lasting. Countries are facing new difficulties and new challenges. To strengthen solidarity and mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and promote common development is the common aspiration of China, Russia, Tajikistan and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as well as the main purpose of Premier Wen's trip. In just 3-day time, Premier Wen engaged in intensive diplomatic activities. He attended nearly 20 important activities, delivered many important speeches and had cordial interactions and friendly exchanges with the media and the public. China signed nearly 50 bilateral and multilateral cooperation documents with related parties. Premier Wen, in a candid and pragmatic attitude and from a strategic perspective, talked about situations, expanded consensus and promoted cooperation with related countries. His trip has further deepened China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation and the good-neighborly and friendly cooperation between Tajikistan and China. It has advanced the cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and has promoted the region's peace, stability and common development. It has also demonstrated China's aspirations for peace, development and cooperation. His trip, accompanied with both multilateral and bilateral events, was pragmatic, efficient, productive, and successful.

I. Premier Wen's trip has deepened strategic mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia

Yang said China and Russia are the biggest neighbors and important strategic partners. In recent years, the mutual political and strategic trust continues to grow; remarkable accomplishments have been achieved in cooperation on all fronts; bilateral strategic partnership of cooperation has seen important progress. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation. The Sino-Russian relations are facing new historic opportunity.

Premier Wen met with President Dmitry Medvedev and had extensive discussions with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The two sides had frank, in-depth and pragmatic exchange of views on bilateral relations as well as global and strategic issues. Important consensus was reached. Premier Wen spoke highly of Sino-Russian relations. He pointed out the Sino-Russian strategic partnership of cooperation has reached an unprecedented level with the joint efforts of both sides. It has strengthened the confidence and determination of the two countries to work together to address challenges and defend common interests. Premier Wen expounded on China's views on further enhancing political and strategic mutual trust between China and Russia. He stressed China will resolutely adhere to the road of peaceful development. China supports the rejuvenation of a strong Russia. A strong and robust China-Russia relationship conforms to fundamental interests of both sides and also serves an important guarantee for maintaining international strategic balance and promoting the world's progress and development. China and Russia have the responsibility, ability and confidence to safeguard common interests and promote world peace and development. Both sides should carry forward the concept of friendship and common development for generations and take the Sino-Russian strategic partnership of cooperation to a higher level. Premier Wen also raised proposals to strengthen pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia. He stressed that the Sino-Russian bilateral cooperation is comprehensive. The two sides not only should deepen energy cooperation, but also should focus on expanding trade and investment and exploring new areas of cooperation so as to promote sustainable development of bilateral economic and trade relations. Premier Wen also said the two countries should further expand cultural and people-to-people exchanges to create a solid public foundation and a favorable public opinion environment for the growth of bilateral relations.

Russian leaders said Russia places great importance to China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation and the Russian side is greatly encouraged by the fruitful results in the development of bilateral relations. The economic development of both China and Russia are facing rare opportunities and the two sides enjoy great potentials for cooperation. The two sides should work together to push mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly exchanges for greater progress. Russia believes that with the joint efforts of the two countries, the Sino-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation will be even closer and more productive, which will benefit the people and make new contributions to the world.

The two prime ministers signed and issued a joint communiqué for the fifteenth regular meeting between the Chinese Premier and the Russian Prime Minister. The government agencies of the two sides also signed over 30 cooperation documents covering a wide range of areas including trade, energy, transport, finance, and culture.

During the visit to Russia, Premier Wen attended the opening ceremony of the Fifth China-Russia Economic and Trade Summit Forum and delivered an important speech. He made propositions on taking the Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation to wider areas and higher levels, which received positive response from the Russian business community. Energy cooperation and cultural and people-to-people exchanges are the highlights of China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation. Premier Wen presented awards to the Russians who made outstanding contributions to the Sino-Russian energy cooperation and the Chinese language teaching in Russia. He also encouraged them to make even greater contributions to promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia. All these received enthusiastic response from the Russian society.

Premier Wen, at the invitation of Prime Minister Putin, also attended the Heads of Government Meeting of the International Forum on Tiger Conservation held in St. Petersburg and delivered a speech. He stated the Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of wild tigers and has taken positive measures. He also raised China's perspectives on promoting the global conservation of wild tigers and achieving human development in harmony with natural ecosystems. His remarks won wide acclaim from the participating parties.

Wang Qishan, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chairman of the Committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers' Regular Meeting on the Chinese side, Liu Yandong, State Councilor of the State Council and Chairwoman of the China-Russia Commission on Cooperation on Humanities on the Chinese side, also attended the above activities.

II. Premier Wen's trip has promoted the solidarity and cooperation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Yang said solidarity, cooperation, alliance and self-renewal are the common aspirations of the SCO member states. Since the prime ministers' meeting in Beijing last year, the SCO has maintained a good momentum of development. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the SCO. Against background of complicated international and regional situation, the development of the SCO has entered a critical period.

In a friendly and constructive atmosphere, Premier Wen had extensive discussions with the leaders of SCO member states on a wide range of topics. They had an in-depth exchange of views on promoting cooperation in such areas as politics, security, economy, trade and humanities, deepening regional cooperation, restoring economic vitality and ensuring sustainable development. Broad consensus was reached. In his speech at the meeting, Premier Wen reviewed the development of the SCO cooperation in various areas in the past year, made in-depth analysis of current international and regional situation, and put forward practical recommendations on furthering the SCO cooperation. Premier Wen pointed out the political, security, economy and foreign exchange functions of the SCO continue to grow. These are hard-won results. The member states should rely on the collective strength to better safeguard regional peace and stability and strengthen the cohesion and attractiveness of the SCO. Premier Wen stressed the SCO member states should crack down on "three forces" and support each other to maintain national stability and safeguard common security and strategic interests. The member states should expand cooperation in economy, trade, energy, infrastructure construction, agriculture, finance, culture and other fields, and promote the comprehensive and balanced development of economy, society and culture. The member states should carry forward the Shanghai Spirit in the new situation, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the principle of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, and common development so as to better benefit the member states and the people of the region. Premier Wen also raised initiatives such as the establishment of the SCO grain security cooperation mechanism and the establishment of the SCO Development Bank.

Premier Wen's propositions and initiatives are frank, pragmatic, and meaningful. They reflected the theme of maintaining regional stability and seeking common development, won the general support of all related parties, and enhanced mutual trust and solidarity among member countries. The leaders spoke highly of the SCO achievements over the past year, and pledged to work together to strengthen pragmatic cooperation, realize leapfrogging development of the SCO and promote sustainable development of the region. The meeting issued the Joint Communiqué of the Meeting of the Council of the Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the SCO Member States and other documents.

During the attendance of the SCO prime ministers' meeting, Premier Wen had bilateral meetings respectively with Karim Massimov, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and Roza Otunbayeva, President of the transitional period of Kyrgyzstan. He also had talks with leaders of other countries and exchanged views with them on strengthening bilateral relations, deepening mutually beneficial cooperation, and promoting healthy and stable development of the SCO. These activities further enhanced the level of China's relationship with related countries and consolidated the friendship between Central Asian countries and China.

III. Premier Wen's trip has consolidated the traditional friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Tajikistan

Yang said China and Tajikistan are important partners in the region. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 18 years ago, the bilateral relations between China and Tajikistan have maintained a sound momentum of healthy and stable development. The cooperation in various fields has also seen remarkable results.

During the visit to the Tajikistan, Premier Wen met with President Emomali Rahmon and held talks with Prime Minister Akil Akilov. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations and other issues of mutual interest. Premier Wen spoke highly of remarkable progress in the good-neighborly and friendly cooperative relations between China and Tajikistan and stressed China is willing to work with Tajikistan, on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, to deepen friendly relations and cooperation, strengthen mutual support and cooperation, expand cooperation in such areas as economy, trade, electricity, transportation, mining and ports, and speed up the implementation of related projects. Premier Wen noted China is willing to join hands with Tajikistan to promote the comprehensive and further development of China-Tajikistan good-neighborly and friendly cooperative relations.

Tajik leaders thanked China for the sincere help and support to the economic development and national independence of Tajikistan. They said the relationship between China and Tajikistan set a model for the relations of friendly cooperation between major powers and neighboring countries. Tajikistan attaches great importance to developing good-neighborly friendship and cooperation with China and is willing to work with China to further strengthen mutual political trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields jointly maintain regional security and stability, and take bilateral relations to a new level.

During the visit, the two prime ministers signed and issued a joint communiqué of the Chinese and Tajik governments. The two sides also signed a number of cooperation documents covering agriculture, finance, electricity, transportation and other areas.

Lastly, Yang Jiechi said no matter how the situation changes, mutual trust, friendship and cooperation are the foundation for the bilateral relationship between China and neighboring countries. Premier Wen's visits have far-reaching implications and have achieved the goals of enhancing mutual trust, deepening cooperation and promoting development. China is willing to further deepen the Sino-Russian relations and Sino-Tajik relations. China is also willing to work together with other SCO member states to promote peace, cooperation and harmonious development of the region.

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