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-- Remarks by Amb. Huang Huikang in the Spring Festival Reception

The Honorable President of the Senate of Malaysia,

Your Excellencies,

Dear Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Selamat Petang!

Good evening!

It is indeed a great pleasure to join all of you here in KL to bid farewell to the outgoing lunar year of the snake, and usher in the new year of the horse. Let me begin by extending, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, my warmest welcome to all the friends attending today’s reception and my heartfelt thanks to all the people who have made efforts and invaluable contribution over years to stronger ties of friendship and cooperation between China and Malaysia. I would also like to pay tribute to all the diplomatic envoys in Malaysia for their support and assistance.

Dear Friends,

Looking back at 2013, the world has witnessed a groundbreaking of the Chinese diplomacy. The new leadership of China has put forth a series of new concepts, taken new measures and demonstrated a new look in the country’s diplomacy. Showing greater global perspective and being more enterprising and innovative under the new circumstances, it has opened a new vista of friendly cooperation between China and the other countries. China has become more determined in pursuing the path of peaceful development, made greater efforts to build major-country relationship that are healthy and stable, made neighborhood diplomacy higher on the priority list of China’s diplomacy, and consolidated its traditional friendship with other developing countries in a more extensive fashion. In addition, China has become more active in playing its role as a responsible major country on hotelier issues. Its reform and opening up has kept delivering benefits not only to China but also the rest of the world. China’s development will continue to bring new and important opportunities to the world peace, development and prosperity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

2014 is the “Year of the Horse”. What’s interesting is, Malaysia is often referred to as “大马” by the local Chinese communities, which literally means “Big Horse”. No doubt, 2014 is definitely going to be a big year for China and Malaysia—our 40th Anniversary of diplomatic ties and the China-Malaysia Friendly Exchange Year.

In Chinese culture, the characteristics of the Horse are cheerful, energetic and successful.

When we look back our bilateral relations, we have every reason to be “cheerful”. On Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit last year, our leaders have jointly decided to upgrade our bilateral relations to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Our two-way trade volume reached a record height of more than 106 billion US dollars. We launched the Kuantan industrial park. Our exchange of personnel reached 3 million.

And while we look forward, we feel more “energetic”. China is carrying out its reforms and pursuing the Chinese Dream, while Malaysia is implementing Transformation program and realizing “Wawasan 2020”. While we coincide in our national strategies, we both uphold the Asia Dream of peace and prosperity.

We have every reason to believe we would be “Successful”. Politically, we will exchange high visits this year and enhance mutual trust through various cooperation mechanisms between our governments, parliaments and organizations. Economically, Our Five-Year Plan of Economic Cooperation would see our total trade volume reach 160 billion in 2017. And China’s effort of building the 21st Century Silk Road on the Sea will bring more than 100 billion US Dollars of investment in Southeast Asia. What’s more, we will build our sister industrial parks into regional trade, manufacturing and distribution centers and conduct more cooperation on big projects.

Culturally, we will encourage more tourists’ visits. President Xi spoke of the 400 million Chinese tourists travel abroad in the next five years. We will attract these “Walking Wallets” to Malaysia. A pair of Chinese Giant Pandas and China’s most successful Gala Show “Impression” will début one after the other this year.

On the regional and international level, as China initiated the 21st Century Silk Road on the Sea, Asia Infrastructure Investment Band and Malaysia participated actively, we will build Asia into a Community of Common Destiny.

As a proverb says, “Horse runs fast with four legs.” I firmly believe that our relationship, with “the four legs” of political trust, trade and economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and multilateral coordination, would run fast and steadily in the New Year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For thousands of years, Spring Festival has been the most important festivity of the Chinese people. It is not only the precious time for family reunion, but also the best time to upgrade the old and create the new.

To my surprise, on this Spring Festival, here in Malaysia, I feel quite at home. I’ve expected to see a great nation with amazing natural beauty, diverse culture and harmonious society. But the red lanterns at Pavilion, the traditional Dragon and lion dances, the familiar “恭喜发财” and overwhelming hospitality are beyond my expectations. Malaysia, I have already fallen in love with you.

It is indeed a great honor for me to be the 14th Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia. I feel very lucky to have come in the best-ever period of our bilateral relations. And I feel especially lucky that I’ve received support from the government of Malaysia, the local communities, organizations, diplomatic corps, and each individual friend. I would like to say thank you and I will exert my strength to fulfill my duties. Let’s start our new journey in the new year together.

In conclusion, I wish you all good health, successful careers and good luck in the year of the Horse! 祝大家一马当先,快马加鞭,龙马精神,马到成功!Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!

Thank you.

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